Quality Products

As Tidewater Timberframes specializes in custom beam work, we like to source out our products from “cradle to grave” or as we like to put it, “cradle to cradle”. It’s the reintroduction of a discarded or undervalued piece that we find as exciting to use as the actual shaping of the building itself. So, we have been incorporating salvaged products where ever possible or wished upon by the client.

Typically our wood is 100% salvaged and is relatively local, as to minimize traveling of a product that is available close by.



Local Material Applications

In regards to other custom finishing products, we like to use local rocks in our rockwork, driftwood for some of our smaller posts and salvaged cedar for a variety of applications.

West Coast Driftwood Beam Fence


Local river rocks are used for custom woodstove hearths & other rock work projects


Salvaged West Coast Driftwood Post


Sometimes we will use themed custom pieces such as portholes right from a boat to create a nautical environment.



Tidewater Timberframes Skills & Services

Using local talent and skills is what allows us to do alot of what we do.

First and foremost, Timberframing and custom finishing


Custom flooring both raw wood and prefinished hard wood & soft wood floors


A team of wood salvagers who have the work ethic and integrity that makes hard work seem easy


A local welder who used to weld commercially before finding the surf and a desire to create features that blend, or contrast amazingly well with our timber work


We have a custom roofer to take care of our custom roofs, flashing and other tricky or artistic needs



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