Wood Salvage

Last Stand Timber products and Tidewater Timberframes presents the concept of Cradle to Cradle. This idea grows out of the cradle to grave theory, where everything has a start and a finish or is born from cradle and progresses through its life to the grave. We came up of with this idea (cradle to cradle) through looking at our industry and realizing the wasteful effects of the commercial timber practices are outdated and unsustainable. Cradle to cradle reintroduces an otherwise wasted tree into the cycle again through careful selection and efforts. We then use the wood to produce high quality products, typically for clients who wish to have a more conscious approach to their building designs.

Last Stand Timber products is in the business of salvaging timber and other resources to reuse in custom furniture, Timber Frame buildings, and wherever the need for high quality craftsmanship is required.

Salvaged or reclaimed wood gives us the ability to use high quality, stable, beautiful material in various applications.

The stability comes with salvaged wood that has been cut and forgotten for, at times, years. Over this time while it is down, it is slowly curing in a fashion that is superior to the modern kiln drying method. Once the wood has been collected or milled, we typically begin to air dry it allowing it to cure further to a more stable level before it’s added to the project.

The species picked depends on how it will be involved in the overall project.

We typically value-add our salvaged products by splitting the Cedar into shakes or mill up some logs into custom slabs ready to use in countertops or bars. Although we have used parts of a tree from everything between siding a house, building a deck to custom finishing interior trim and furniture.

We do also use conventional lumber and store bought kiln dried wood for many applications as per code and necessity.


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